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Men S Sugoi MidZero Zip Top Color Black Chili Size S  | clothing & accessories > men > active > active shirts & tees  | January - 2018

S Sugoi MidZero Zip Top Color Black Chili Size S Amazon
MidZero Zip Top.

RSE Team Jersey Short Sleeve Men S Chili Red L  | clothing & accessories > novelty & special use > sports clothing > cycling > men > jerseys  | January - 2018

RSE Team Jersey Short Sleeve Men S Chili Red L
Get race inspired with the SUGOi RSE Team Short Sleeve Jersey. This jersey features strategic panels for a sleek fit that will slice through the air during your training or racing adventures. The UltraPro fabric adds to the RSEs aero benefits and wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry for a comfy ride. SUGOi finishes off the RSE Team Jersey with a full length zipper to provide extra ventilation when the temps go sky high and quick, easy removal during mid-ride pit stops. Three rear pockets have enough space to carry essentials such as your phone, a spare tube, or your favorite cookies to snack on.

Affordable RS Zap Jacket Men S  | clothing & accessories > novelty & special use > sports clothing > cycling > men > jackets  | January - 2018

Affordable RS Zap Jacket Men S
With the RS Zap Men's Jacket, Sugoi combines two of our favorite elements of the brand's catalogue. The first is the water-resistant, aggressively reflective Zap material, which has established itself as the standard for inclement-weather cycling over the past several years. The second is the race-minded fit and articulation of the Racing System (RS) line of cycling clothing. When these powers combine, the result is a jacket cut according to Sugoi's Pro Fit that packs an anti-weather, high-viz wallop. The jacket's Zap material may be the headliner, but it follows a very impressive opening act in the form of a relatively flap-free, ready-to-race fit. The combination of the two means the jacket keeps water at bay, reflects light like a fiery beacon, and fits less like the shapeless rain capes of yesteryear and more like the summer-weight racing jerseys we prefer to spend our time in. The materials also breathe more like those summer jerseys, so keeping the rain out doesn't mean trapping our own perspiration in. The astute reader will notice the plural materials, and that's because Sugoi supplements the RS Zap Jacket's titular fabric with MidZero inserts under the arms. This adds a bit of stretch--which is necessary considering the aggressive fit--and also boosts breathability compared to the Zap commuter jacket. That additional breathability comes in handy here because the RS fit is for serious training and hard efforts. Those exertions create more of a risk of accumulating clammy moisture than a low-effort commute pace, so the jacket's intended use demands more efficient breathability. This also means the RS version's seams aren't taped, which makes it less waterproof but--again--lets it breathe more, further recommending it for competitive use.