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Shimano SH 10 SH 11 SPD SL Road Cleats Parts Pedal Cleats Amp Accessories  | sports & outdoors > cycling > pedals & cleats > pedals  | August - 2017

Shimano SH 10 SH 11 SPD SL Road Cleats Pedal Cleats Amp Accessories Amazon
Shimano SH-10 / SH-11 SPD-SL Road Cleats.

Shimano SH XC61 Men S  | shoes > men > athletic > cycling  | August - 2017

Shimano SH XC61 Men S
Shimano's new SH-XC61 shoes are more than just a pile of numbers and letters. They're an extremely versatile cross country shoe that can easily pull race duty or all-day, beer pace duty. At the core is Shimano's Dynalast outsole, which is carbon fiber-reinforced for stiffness, which translates into both more power transferred to the pedals, as well as more comfort on long rides. Moving up from there, the synthetic leather upper conforms to your foot, but won't stretch out over time, so you get the same dialed fit for the life of the shoes. The shoes close with a ratchet/hook-and-loop strap combo, which provides a combination of comfort and security, and the shoes are finished with a series of polyurethane traction lugs, which you'll appreciate in those tricky hike-a-bike sections.

Shimano SH TR6 Men S Shoes White Black 43  | shoes > men > fashion sneakers  | August - 2017

Shimano SH TR6 Men S Shoes White Black 43
You can't put a price on comfort during the course of a triathlon. However, you also have to walk the razor's edge between too comfortable and too dynamically-driven. Luckily, no one understands this golden ratio better than Shimano, and its new SH-TR60 Shoes represent this knowledge. In its SH-TR60 shoes, Shimano met your requirements for a pair of triathlon shoes. The TR60s feature a carbon composite outsole construction that strikes the ideal balance between rigidity and comfort. Now, we're all raised to believe that stiffer is better, and in some cycling applications, this is absolutely true. However, it's crucial to remember that the cycling leg isn't the last thing that you're doing on race day. So, as to not berate the circulation to your feet, Shimano developed what it calls its Dynalast technology. This outsole system delivers power to the pedal, while still allowing a calculated level of flex. This is possible due to the sole's variable stiffness and density that accommodates the movements of the arch. All that means when you reach T2, your feet will feel like they just got out of the water for a seamless transition to your running shoes. And on the subject of transitions, let's move on to one of the TR60's coolest features -- its closure system. Somehow, Shimano has managed to simplify the simplified with its new take on the burrito strap closure system. With a typical burrito strap, you'll find that the closure relies on a two-strap system -- one lower hook-and-loop that controls volume, and the large upper-strap for closure. However, the TR60 only requires the one burrito strap for a secure closure. So, with fewer straps to fuss with, this will certainly speed up your transition time. But, we understand that you might still be wondering what a burrito strap actually is. Basically, the burrito analogy is drawn from the upper-strap's construction, where one layer of the upper wraps over the other. This allows you to really dial in the volume of the s...

Shimano SH R171L Road  | sports & outdoors > cycling > footwear > cycling > sporting-goods  | August - 2017

Shimano SH R171L Road
$ (' (id=prSize selector) ') .find ('div:first-child') .append (' View Size Chart ') ;$ (function () ( $ ('.size-chart') .fancybox ( ( type: 'ajax', width: 550, height: 400, helpers: ( overlay: ( locked: false ) ) ) ) ; ) ) ; Upon first glance, you'll be quick to notice the SH-R171's Two-Face like uppers. This innovative ""Surround"" upper pattern features offset straps that relieve pressure points on the top of the foot and provide a healthy balance of holding power and long lasting comfort. The Surround's dexterous stretch-resistant synthetic leather construction also provides improvements in the aerodynamics department, as its sleek interface offers less wind drag than conventional strap and ratchet road shoes. To ensure your feet breathe properly, the uppers are dotted with open mesh to intake fresh air and exhaust body-heated air. Through Shimano's Dynalast technology, the SH-R171's toe-spring section is optimized to promote a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke by reducing the loss of power that occurs during the backspin direction of a pedal stroke. Once it's time to push back through the stroke, the lightweight carbon fiber composite sole provides a stiff platform that converts that saved energy in power and acceleration. This means that the whole pedal rotation serves as a cycle to produce snappier output and prolonged endurance. Sounds like a recipe for the roadie! Features: Innovative ""Surround"" upper pattern provides perfect balance of holding power and absolute all-day comfortSupple stretch-resistant synthetic leathersAdaptable mechanical closure system adjusts to various instep height and shapesOpen mesh for optimal breathabilityDual density cup insole for heel bone stabilityShimano Dynalast provides a precise fit and improves pedaling efficiencyLightweight carbon fiber composite sole with adjustable cleat mountBest matched with PD-6800Weight: 486g (size 40) Shimano Shoes - Men EU US 36 3.7 37 4.5 37.5 4.8 38 5.2 38.5 5.5 39 5.8 39.5 6.2 40 6.7 40.5 7.2 41 7.6 41.5 8 42 8.3 42.5 8.7 43 8.9 43.5 9.3 44 9.7 44.5 10.2 45 10.5 45.5 10.9 46 11.2 46.5 11.5 47 11.8 48 12.3 49 13.2 50 14.2 51 15.2 52 16.2

Shimano Sh Rp9 Road  | sports & outdoors > cycling > footwear > cycling > sporting-goods  | August - 2017

Shimano Sh Rp9 Road
Shimano SH-RP9 Road Shoes. The SH-RP9 shoes are the flagship model of Shimano's Road Performance series. They're designed for cyclists that want performance and speed, but also need maximum comfort for long distance rides and time on the saddle. Heat moldable Custom-Fit technology on the upper and insole perfectly adapts to your foot shape for better power transfer, endurance and overall performance. Ultra-rigid, weaved carbon composite sole teams up with the secure and supple one-piece upper to maximize holding power, stiffness and pedaling efficiency. Air intake/exhaust system offers continuous ventilation, Shimano's Dynalast promotes a smoother, more energy-efficient upstroke, and adaptable closure system adjusts to various instep heights and shapes for enhanced stability, all-day comfort and a pressure-free fit. Comfortable, powerful and beautifully constructed, the Shimano SH-RP9's put pro-racing technology within reach.

Store Shimano Sh Am9 Bike Shoes  | shoes > men > athletic > cycling  | August - 2017

Store Shimano Sh Am9 Bike Shoes
Shimano SH-AM9 Mountain Bike Shoes. Is conquering gravity your life's mission? Then you'll love the Shimano SH-AM9 Mountain Bike Shoes. A dream come true for aggressive downhillers, enduro riders and trail lovers, these shoes tackle the toughest descents with confidence and control. Durable rubber outsole with non-slip details enhances grip while offering foot protection and stability. Pedal Channel in the outsole makes it easier to re-engage to the pedal while unclipped. Tough synthetic upper with asymmetrically raised, padded ankle collar and armored lace shield work together to protect your feet on aggressive rides. EVA foam construction midsole and Volume Tour last provide comfort and support on and off the bike. Lacing closure with Velcro strap keeps the foot securely in place and prevents laces from getting caught in chain rings and cranks.

SH 51 SPD Replaceable Cleats  | sports & outdoors > cycling > parts & components > drivetrain components > chains  | August - 2017

SH 51 SPD Replaceable Cleats
Shimano SPD cleats are replacement cleats for Shimano pedal systems. These cleats will fit MOST spin bike pedal systems with the purchase of any SPD compatible bike shoe (inquire at your local fitness center) . Replacement cleats for shimano SPD pedal systems Releases in lateral twist mode, with 4 degrees of float Stock replacement cleat for all Shimano SPD pedals including A520, A530, M324, M424, M520, M540, M770, M970 Worn cleats can lead to poor pedal function including premature release or stubborn release two hole shoe mounting system

Sh Xc90 Mountain Bike Shoes  | shoes > men > athletic > cycling  | August - 2017

Sh Xc90 Mountain Bike Shoes
Shimano SH-XC90 Mountain Bike Shoes. The Shimano SH-XC90 Mountain Bike Shoes meet the demands of elite-level XC racers with optimized sole stiffness and Custom-Fit technology for enhanced pedaling efficiency and comfort that goes the distance. Heat moldable upper and insole gives you a competitive advantage with glove-like ergonomics, support, comfort and stability. The front section of the carbon outsole is fitted with optimally shaped spikes and blocks, which are arranged in an ideal pattern to maximize traction. The open, mud-shedding tread pattern allows mud and debris to fall through, keeping the shoe light and power-efficient. Resin toe spikes work well in dry, rocky terrain and can be swapped out for metal spikes (not included) when you need more traction. Reduced sole thickness under the cleat area transfers more power directly to the pedals. Rovenica upper is extremely resilient, XC Heel Cup holds your foot in position and Cross X Strap alleviates pressure at the top of the foot. Unleash your power to the fullest.

Sh M163 Mountain Bike Shoes  | shoes > men > athletic > cycling  | August - 2017

Sh M163 Mountain Bike Shoes
Shimano SH-M163 Mountain Bike Shoes. Engineered for serious cyclists that want effective power transfer and excellent traction on aggressive trail and enduro rides, the Shimano SH-M163 Mountain Bike Shoes feature a rigid midsole plate with variable-density, durable rubber outsole for high pedaling efficiency and grip in any condition. Torbal technology provides a better connection to the pedal and allows lateral movement for improved control. Single-density, extra-cushion insole offers stability and shock absorption while the Volume + last gives more room in the toe box. Expanded SPD cleat adjustment range accommodates race or trail-minded riding styles. Hardened pedal contact blocks stabilize the foot to increase the power stroke. Super low-profile micro-adjust buckle and Cross X-Strap fit securely and dual offset straps eliminate pressure.