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Men S Sugoi MidZero Wind Boxer Color Black Size S  | clothing & accessories > men > underwear > boxer briefs  | July - 2017

Men ugoi MidZero Wind Boxer Color Black ize Amazon

Men ugoi MidZero Zip Top Color Black Chili ize  | clothing & accessories > men > active > active shirts & tees  | July - 2017

Men ugoi MidZero Zip Top Color Black Chili ize
MidZero Zip Top

Value SUGOi MidZero Knickers Women S Black L  | clothing & accessories > novelty & special use > sports clothing > cycling > women > compression shorts  | July - 2017

Value SUGOi MidZero Knickers Women S Black L
The nature of Internet shopping means that it's kind of a one-way interaction and we aren't usually aware of exactly who is perusing our wares. But the fact that you're looking at the Sugoi Evolution MidZero Women's Knickers leads us to venture two guesses as to your identity. One, either you're shopping for or you are yourself a woman cyclist who doesn't let cold weather end her time on the bike, and two, you recognize that cold-weather cycling requires dedicated kit. If this is accurate, then you've come to the right place, because the Evolution MidZero Knickers provide just the right balance of insulation and ventilation to keep your cold-weather training comfortable. The Evolution MidZero Knickers owe their insulating prowess to MidZero fabric, which traps warmth and wicks moisture with its soft, brushed lining. Since they're knickers, they don't offer as much thermal protection as full tights; however, when it gets cold enough to warrant that much protection, many of us choose to hang up the wheels and strap our feet to some planks for the winter. In this way, the Evolution MidZero Knickers can function as a barometer to let you know when it's time to transition into ski season. The construction features flat seams that alleviate abrasion and, in a piece of engineering genius, curve around your kneecap instead of riding straight down the center of your leg. This is definitely the part of your body that will suffer most from seam friction in other bibs, but by skirting your knee, the seams of the Evolution skirt that problem. Elastic leg grips keep the seam where it's supposed to be. The package is rounded off with some design elements specific to women. First, these Knickers obviously don't have bibs. Where other manufacturers go to great lengths to wrestle bibs onto women's garments, Sugoi just accepts that they may be better suited for men's clothing and leaves them in the realm of the Y chromosome. The Evolution MidZero Knickers also include the Women'...

Valued Roland ands Horsepower L Women T hirt Color Black ize MD  | clothing & accessories > women > tops & tees > knits & tees  | July - 2017

Valued Roland ands Horsepower L Women T hirt Color Black ize MD
Roland Sands Design Horsepower Long Sleeve Scoop Neck T Shirt Features: 145g cotton/poly/rayon blend Print graphic Tagless neck label Custom RSD loop label detail