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Midwest Industries Inc Ar 15 Car 15 Quick Detach Swivel

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Comparison Midwest Inc Ar 15 Car 15 Quick Detach Swivel Amazon
Accept slings up to 1 1/4"" wide. Provides quiet, 360deg rotation of the swivel to eliminate sling tangle and improve all day carry comfort. Available with polished blue finish. Machined steel swivels with 1 1/4"" loops feature a smooth-operating, centrally-located push-button and polished ball bearing surfaces for easy attachment on firearms equipped with quick-detach bases. Mfg: Midwest Industries, Inc. Standard - Polished blue. Base is knurled for a positive grip, even when wearing heavy gloves. Standard model features a standard weight loop formed from 1/8"" diameter round stock. SPECS: Steel. Heavy Duty swivel is constructed with an extra beefy base and push-button, plus a 3/16"" diameter loop to handle maximum weight and abuse.

Comparison J Enterprises 308 Ar Silent Captured Springs Gen 2 H2

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Comparison J Enterprises 308 Ar Silent Captured Springs Gen 2 H2
The Gen 2 Drop-in captured-spring recoil system helps your AR function more smoothly and quieter without any permanent modifications. The carefully balanced, custom-ground buffer spring, combined with the JP LMOS buffer, greatly reduces friction and vibration - say goodbye to the annoying ""spoon over a cheese grater"" noise of conventional springs and buffers. Fits buffer tubes for both M4-style collapsible stocks and also, using the included spacer, the longer tubes for fixed rifle stocks. The H2 buffer is heavier than the standard spring. The buffer includes two Tungsten weights in addition to one steel weight. Weighing approximately 4.7 oz. Recommended for use Mfg: J P Enterprises