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Kness Ketch All Multiple Catch Mousetrap Amp Drowning Attachment  | sports & outdoors > leisure sports & games > game room > table tennis > rackets  | December - 2017

Store Kness Ketch All Multiple Catch Amp Drowning Attachment Amazon
The design and performance of the Ketch-All Multiple Catch Mousetrap has earned it the title of The Worlds Best Mousetrap- The Ketch - All operates without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets- It is efficient, often capturing several mice in one setting it works 24 hours a day, every day of the year- By following simple operating procedures, your Ketch-All will provide years of proven, practical performance- The Ketch - All Drowning Attachment provides an easy way to dispose of mice and helps keep the Ketch - All Multiple Catch Mousetrap clean and eliminate odors- To connect the Drowning Attachment to the Ketch - All, just slide back the trap lid, insert the Drowning Attachments metal bar on top of the caged end and slide the trap lid closed to secure-Features- Fill a quart jar 34 full of water and attach the lid to jar- Multiple catch mousetrap drowning attachment- Dimension - 3 x 7-75 x 4-5 in- SKU: KNSM011.

Store Tip Live Capture Mouse By Kness  | computers & accessories > cables & accessories > mice  | December - 2017

Store Tip Live Capture Mouse By Kness
Tip-Trap Live Capture Mouse Trap by Kness Features a safe, non-violent way to get rid of mice Reusable and safe, does not contain poisons Made of polypropylene and is stain and odor resistant

KETCH BOT SET  | home & kitchen > kitchen knives & cutlery accessories > shears  | December - 2017

Ketchup and mustard bottle setClassic restaurant designLeak proofSoft polyethylene constructionPerfect for a picnic12 oz2 count

Kness Snap E Cover Gray Snap E Mousetrap Twin Pack  | computers & accessories > monitors  | December - 2017

Kness Snap E Cover Gray Snap E Mousetrap Twin Pack
The Snap-E Cover is uniquely designed for rodent control in common areas- The Snap-E Cover keeps mouse traps and trapped mice out of sight, keeping children and pets away from rodents and the traps- The Snap-E Cover requires no chemicals and is made of durable plastic construction- When using Snap-E Mousetraps, inspection holes on top of the cover makes checking for trapped mice more efficient- The Snap-E Mousetrap is truly a Easy to bait- Easy to set- Easy to release-Features- Snap-E Cover includes one safety key and 2 Snap-E Mousetraps- Escape proof and you never need to touch another mouse- The mechanism is smart, the materials are rugged- Snap-E Mousetraps are easy to use and made to last so you can use them year after year- They are safe, simple and sanitary- Steel and durable polystyrene materials make them tough- Smart engineering, including a larger trip paddle and strike bar, makes them work every time- Place the baited Snap-E near a wall and pull back on the upright bar until it locks firmly in place- The vertical strike bar travels half the distance of old-fashioned wooden traps which makes it easier to catch mice- The extra-large trip paddle and strike bar catch rodents from the front, sides and back- To release, simply pull back on the upright bar until mouse is released so your fingers never touch the mouse- Color - Gray- Dimension - 15-38 x 3-25 x 3-38 in- SKU: KNSM007

The Guide To Wooden Boats Ketches Cutters Sloops Yawls Cats  | media > books  | December - 2017

The Guide To Wooden Boats Ketches Cutters Sloops Yawls Cats
First published in 1996, this classic pictorial tour of wooden boats showcases a rich collection of images by Benjamin Mendlowitz, the preeminent photographer of wooden boats. The result is a stunning guide to sailboats and their rigs with text by the renowned marine historian Maynard Bray a true feast for the eyes as well as the imagination. Now available for the first time as a paperback edition, complete with Joel White s foreword and a new afterword by sailor and writer Roger Angell, this gem of a book is sure to delight both lifelong boaters and newcomers to the nautical world.

Ketch All Animal Control Pole L  | patio, lawn & garden > outdoor d?0063006fr > flagpole hardware  | December - 2017

Ketch All Animal Control Pole L
Versatile Animal Control Pole is used by animal control professionals and animal handlers for rescuing animals from dangerous locations such as trees, storm drains or under buildings. Also helpful in catching dangerous or frightened animals and keeping them at a safe distance. This style is popular for its 5' length and larger noose. 2 1?4 lb. Made in USA.

Shop Mfg Company 109 0 006 Tip Trap Live Capture Mousetrap  | computers & accessories > monitors  | December - 2017

Shop Mfg Company 109 0 006 Tip Trap Live Capture Mousetrap
Product Type: Mouse Trap Material: Polypropylene Dimensions: 3.5H x 3.25W x 7.75L

All Mouse Live Trap  | patio, lawn & garden > pest control > traps  | December - 2017

All Mouse Live Trap
Catch multiple mice after one setting with this foolproof mouse live trap. Wind the knob until it stops and the trap is set. No mouse and rat poison or bait is needed. When mice enter the trap, they trigger the paddle wheel which whisks up to 30 mice into the holding chamber until removal. Safe to use around children and pets. 5-1/2""H x 9""W x 7-1/4""D. USA made.