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Wilson A800 Game Ready SoftFit BBCM34 34 Baseball Catchers Mitt  | sports & outdoors > team sports > baseball > player equipment > gloves & mitts > catchers mitts  | April - 2018

A800 Game Ready SoftFit BBCM34 34 Baseball Catchers Mitt Amazon
The BBCM34 is 34" in diameter and ideal for the catcher that prefers a bigger mitt with a deeper pocket. Along with the being ready to play as soon as they arrive these gloves are at a very affordable price-point which is perfect for the player that may be new to the sport and looking for a glove that will get the job done without doing too much damage to the wallet. The shell palm and lacing are composed of Wilson's Exclusive Cheyenne Penny Leather which as previously mentioned is extremely soft and pliable. The hand opening for this glove features a conventional open back with a laced binding. The A800 Game Ready Softfit line from Wilson lives up to its name - "Game Ready". This leather requires minimal work for breaking-in and creating the desired pocket - and when cared for properly will hold up game-after-game. The conventional back allows for extra ventilation while the laced binding provides a secure and snug fit - keeping the glove in place even during the toughest plays.Also featured an extended palm that will reduce the rebound effect. These gloves are crafted with an extremely soft pliable leather to provide that game ready construction. This glove features Wilson's 1/2 -Moon web for a secure and durable pocket when catching a fastball or smothering a ball in the dirt.