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AmScope PAX Plan Objective Lens Set  | sports & outdoors > leisure sports & games > game room > table tennis > rackets  | January - 2018

AmScope Plan Objective Lens Set Amazon
These are a brand new microscope Plan Achromatic objective lens set with high quality- It comes with 4X, 10X, 40X & 100X plan Achromatic objective lenses- They fit common size DIN standard compound biological microscopes-Features- Type - Compound, Brightfield, Darkfield- Iris -With Iris- Mounting Size - 20 mm- Optics - Plan- Dimension - 7 x 5 x 4 in- SKU: UNSCP171.

AmScope 5X 90X Ultimate Zoom Microscope With Two Lights  | sports & outdoors > fan shop > clothing accessories > bags  | January - 2018

AmScope 5X 90X Ultimate Zoom Microscope With Two Lights
This binocular extreme widefield stereo microscope is a fully coated optical system with super high resolution, giving sharp and crystal clear images. With extreme widefield high-eyepoint 10x eyepieces, it offers 3.5X-90X continuous zoom magnification with extremely good flatness and contrast. It provides large zoom range and long working distance. This microscope comes with both Epi-illuminator and transmitted illumination systems. It is an ideal instrument for biological research, semiconductor and other industries that require precision-oriented observation. Features: Super High Resolution with Extremely Great Flatness and Contrast, Giving Sharp and Clear Images Binocular Head with Super Widefield and High-eyepoint EyepiecesBoth Ocular-Tubes with Adjustable DiopterLarge Zoom Magnification Range 3.5X-90XLarge 8" (200mm) Working DistanceAccurate Alignment Ensuring a Fatigue-Free Long Hour ViewingFull Metal Stand ConstructionEpi-Illuminator and Built-in Transmitted Illumination System with Adjustable BrightnessExtra Separate Epi-illuminator Stand with TransformerGS & CE Approval Electric ApparatusManufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control StandardExcellent Five (5) Year Manufacturer WarrantySpecifications: Head: 45 degree inclined 360 degree swiveling binocular Eyepiece: 30mm super widefield high-eyepoint WF10X/22Objective Zoom Range: 0.67-4.5X Barlow Lens: 0.5X and 2.0X Working Distance: up to 8" (200mm) Field of View (Maximum) : 2-1/2" (68mm) in diameterDiopter Adjustment: +/- 5dpInterpupillary Distance: 2-3/16" - 2-15/16" (55-75mm) Stage Plate: 4" (100mm in diameter) frosted glass object plate and 4" (100mm) white/black plastic plate EPI-Illumination: 12V/15W halogen bulb with domeTransmitted Illumination: 12V/15W halogen bulbPower Supply: 110V (please email for 220V version) Accessories: one pair of eye-cguards, one pair of object clips, one dust cover, and two spare halogen bulbsPacking List: One Extreme Widefield Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope HeadOne Pillar