Reasons Why People Smoke Cigarettes

For people who are classed as non-smokers it is quite difficult to fully comprehend why other people decide to smoke cigarettes. Not only do most of them find it hard to understand, they even go as far as thinking how stupid it is that these smokers would choose to waste their hard earned money and damage their health in this way. In this article I am going to attempt to educate these non-smokers into why other people smoke, however it might be worth smokers taking a read as well as it might actually help you to quit.

I remember many years ago when I was around fourteen years of age I went to a house party with a few friends. I am not sure why but I had the impression that one would look cool if you had a cigarette in your hand. This impression possibly came about from watching rock and movie stars at their celebrity parties with a fag in their mouths. Looking back I must say that I was rather stupid and nieve. At this party I was offered a cigarette and was quite happy to have a try etc. I expected a huge buzz from smoking the tobacco and was rather disappointed with the results, is that it? I thought to myself. Therefore the first reason some people smoke is because they think it makes them look good, well I am sorry it doesn't.

Other people smoke because they say it helps them to relax and that when they are stressed out that they need a cigarette. Now this might be true in some ways that it helps people to relax but in my opinion these people need to find other solutions to relieve their stress such as a stress ball. The time it takes to smoke a cigarette is about five minutes and your not telling me that it does that much good in that short space of time. I think people are just kidding themselves when they say that it helps them to reduce stress, it might do in that very short space of time when your smoking the fag but not over the longer period.

I smoke because my friends smoke, I have heard this statement so many times over the last few years. The statement continues, if they stop I would but at the moment I would find it hard to quit smoking as I am always socialising with them and being around their smoke would make it just too tempting etc. My response would be something like, if they jumped off a cliff would you?

As you can see smoking is a joke so do yourself and everybody else a favour and learn about ways to quit smoking today.