Explain The Dangers Of Crystal Meth To Kids

You should talk to your kids about the horrible scourge of “Crystal Meth”.

How else are they to know? Or if the information they receive from friends or the street is watered down or plain wrong and misinformed?

Methamphetamine or commonly called “Crystal Meth” is a dangerous, highly addictive drug. It is cheap, widely available and making inroads among young people. Sooner or late your kids may you asked or encouraged by peer pressure to “try it “

“It is great and a little bit cannot hurt”. Now is the time to get the facts and dangers of Crystal Meth on the table for your kids.

When this terrible day occurs you want your kids to be able to say a firm “no” to this very dangerous villain. Believe it or not your opinion can make a big difference to your kids. Knowing where you stand can give them the confidence - and the facts – they need to make this choice of saying “no” which should be their only choice.

The important thing is to be honest about how you feel and communicate the message that “Crystal Meth is a dangerous, addictive drug that can do major permanent damage “. The second message to clearly expound is “I do not want you using Crystal Meth because I love you and I am concerned and care what happens to you.”

This can be the first of many ongoing conversations you can have with your kids about Crystal Meth and other drugs over the coming months and years/ What are the facts about Crystal Meth? Firstly that Crystal Meth is highly addictive and that the addiction takes hold very quickly. Addicts begin to “binge and crash” taking more of the drug more often. You should be aware that Crystal Meth is known by other names including jib, crank, meth, crystal ice, glass, chalk or speed.

Users can swallow, inhale, smoke or inject the drug. It should be made clear that while a person is high on Crystal Meth that their judgment is beyond severely impaired. The person is a lot more likely to make very bad decisions – including taking other dangerous drugs or encouraging in unprotected sex.

You can ask your child or teen if they have heard of Crystal Meth and what do they think of it. Listen carefully to the answers and take a moment before responding. Again let them know the damage that Crystal Meth causes.’

Do not feel uncomfortable about a few moments of silence in your conversation, especially after you have asked a question (or received a short answer). Your son or daughter may be working up the courage to tell you something important.

Remember that it is okay if your child does not agree with everything you say.

Make sure that they understand where you sand and what you expect. On the other foot be prepared to have an open discussion.

Lastly help your child learn to say “no” by rehearsing situations where they might be offered Crystal Meth at a party, a Rave or before a big exam. Remember the most important message that Crystal Meth is a dangerous, addictive drug that can do permanent addictive damage.

Margaret Mathew